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B&F Makelaar 2.0 Your estate agent in the region of The Hague

Are you looking for a house in The Hague, Rijswijk or Voorburg? Or do you want to sell your house? Our team of dedicated employees stands at your service every day of the week.
We believe in the principle of ‘do what you say and say what you do’. Real estate agent 2.0 is what we call that. Send us a message and we will go to work for you right away.

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Need help finding a home in the area? We love The Hague and know the local housing market like no other.

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You can always reach us, even in the evenings and during the weekend, for honest and meaningful advice.

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Want to buy, sell, rent or have your house appraised? B&F Makelaar is there for all your real-estate needs.

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“The whole team was fantastic! We chose them because they promised a small, focused team that will partner with us to help us buy our dream house. Immediately after we agreed that they will be our real estate agent, they formed a what'sapp group and from that moment we knew we were in good hands. They helped us navigate the complicated real estate market very well. After every house visit, they sent us a detailed report on what's good about the house and what are some things to keep in mind. This information really helped guide us on how much we should bid especially considering potential renovation costs that we realised after their expert detailed report. There were some apartments that we really liked a LOT but after Jennifer and Nard went to see the apartment and they gave us their report, we realised that those houses would be a money pit because of all the problems that we, as inexperienced buyers, did not notice in our brief 10 minute house viewing. Through their expertise, we were able to save ourselves from buying an apartment that we just wouldn't enjoy living in. After about 2 months of searching, we found our dream-house. It ticked all our requirements and then some! We cannot thank the team enough for all their guidance and support. They took out all the stress of the process from us and made this experience a relaxed one where we got to focus on what's best for us and our situation -which in turn resulted in our new apartment from where we are now typing out this review :) They never pressurised us to bid on an apartment and we were always left with a feeling that for them money wasn't the main motivator, even though, of course it's only by closing a house that they receive revenue. We felt that helping us buyers find the right house for our situation - That was their motivation for being in this industry. Thank you so much team!”

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